Rosvikskören is a mixed chorus that was founded in 1984. If you don´t know the geography of the northern parts of Sweden we can tell you that Rosvik is a village just north of Piteå. In spite of the name we have members from the whole community, not only from Rosvik.

From AUSS Grand Concert at Fairfield University 2002

From AUSS Grand Concert at Fairfield University 2002

The combination of both women and men, different ages, and a wide repertoire is the key to why we are having such fun together. Laughter and joy are important parts of our activity. Singing in a chorus is more than just singing, don´t you agree?

Anders PääjärviOur guide in the twirls of music is our Conductor Sigurður Árni Jónsson. He also plays the piano and arranges music for chorus.


Even though we don´t perform very often, we still do a couple of concerts throughout the year - mostly during Christmas. We sing in churches, at retirement homes and in all sorts of situations. We mostly perform in the nearby area of Piteå.